The people

Paul Bordes

Paul Bordes

Estate manager,
Paul Bordes joined Malleret in 2013.

Man of dialogue, Paul Bordes has been able to share this philosophy and this long-term ambition with the whole team, to work together to achieve the required changes.

Stéphane Derenoncourt

Stéphane Derenoncourt

Vine and wine consultant

Stéphane Derenoncourt is a winemaker and consultant who quickly earned a strong reputation as an expert in wine growing and wine making both in France and abroad.
His approach is based on expressing the terroir as best possible, offering a winegrowing and making process which is perfectly suited to the place, and respectful of nature. With an observation-based methodology, good sense in winegrowing and a focus on balanced wines, the company provides high-quality support and has become a mark of international excellence, with more than 140 customers.

Aymar du Vivier

Aymar du Vivier

Communications and sales consultant

Aymar du Vivier promotes the soul of Château de Malleret throughout the world.
He is a descendant of the Clossmann family and since 2012 has been working alongside Paul Bordes to bring this family-owned estate back to life.

Château de Malleret

Management and administrative team Château de Malleret

Management and administrative team

Paul Bordes – Laurence Duchemin – Arthur Marrecau – Béatrice Nectoux – Marianne Delleci – Aymar du Vivier

Vine team Château de Malleret

Vine team

Angélique Bodin – Laurent Cloarec – Sebastian Blanc – Maria-Luisa Costa Fernandes
Amandine Congard – Sylvie Pouillet – Manuel Coelho – Valérie Bessières
Stéphane Pouillet – Jean-Christophe Vigneaud – Joaquim Fernandes – Jean-Luc Vabre

Cellar team

Kevin Gaillard – Pierre-Louis Capdepuy

Park and gardens team Château de Malleret

Park and gardens team

Claude Hamel – José Hurtado – Guillaume Bierge – Nicolas Adigard des Gautries – Julien Lavoisier

Forêt Château de Malleret

Forest team

Angelino Ferreira – Thibault Pers

Building Maintenance Château de Malleret

Building Maintenance

Sonia Lavoisier – Noémie Martin

Equipment Maintenance Château de Malleret

Equipment Maintenance

Manuel Coelho – Jean-Claude Pers

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